We are the nation’s biggest, baddest and best ice hockey training and development facility featuring world class service, equipment, technology, coaching and training. No BS, no relationship politics, no affiliations no drama…just hockey.


Top Level Instruction

Trainers and coaches range in level from 1 to 5, Each level includes some of the industry’s most talented and committed trainers and coaches.

World Class Facilities

Our Treadmill program is the best training option to help players develop and strengthen their skating dynamics.


Develop agility, balance, and strength

Enhance coordination, awareness, and focus

Advance athleticism, fitness, and skill

The STICKFIT Program

A revolutionary training methodology combining balance, agility, and strength exercises with hockey specific skill development – suitable for all ages, genders, and skill levels

The STICKFIT Advantage

Workouts are high-paced and technically demanding, creating an environment designed specifically to put both body and mind under duress…just like high stakes athletic competitions

More than just physical…

STICKFIT is the first, all-encompassing progressive training regimen to hone cognitive function AND all the essential components of skill set development at the same time


Mondays: 6pm-7pm

Wednesdays: 6pm-7pm

Single Session: $40

  • Super Glide Synthetic Ice

  • State of the Art Free Weights Gym

  • Treadmill and Stride Center

  • Shooting Gallery

  • Speed Arc

  • The Horseshoe

What an amazing facility. I took my 4 year old to see if he had interest in skating and hockey. He had never been on the ice nor held a hockey stick. First Line Training Center in Rockville is a synthetic Ice hockey training center. Special thanks to Sandy Cohan for taking a few minutes to introduce my son to hockey, Alex is still talking about it. We are looking forward getting his skates and gear and signing up for lessons. This facility is a must see! WOW!

Tom McIntyre

This facility is awesome. The rinks, the shooting lanes, the training equipment, and the skating treadmill are all first class.

Nick Serenyi

Great facility run by some great people. A very welcome addition to our hockey family. It’s slowly becoming a second home.

Tyler Treat

Awesome facility… wonderful staff… great for player development. Kids have an absolute blast.

Josh Rubin

op notch facility and staff, definitely done right from top to bottom. My kids (9 and 13) skated all day and didn’t want to leave. 9 year told me “I want to live here”. So much to do for the kids, whether they want to play a game, shoot pucks (different sized and shaped goals), or do drills (training aids included). Can’t wait to go back. Wish I had the money to build one in Delaware.

Brian Page

“First Line Training Center is the real deal”

Jeff Halpern – 15yr NHL Pro, Maryland native

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40-C Southlawn Court
Rockville, MD

Phone: 3016379971

Coach Sandy